GOLDBOIIC is a native of sunny Sanford, FL.  GoldBoiiC is breaking into the music scene with a vengeance after a long, mind altering, 8 year prison term.  Doing hard time can either make you or break you, but what it did for GoldBoiiC was change him into a streetwise, focused, melodic MC with many stories to tell.  Being incarcerated does do one very important thing though.  Just as it did for GME label mate, Glam Graham, it gave GoldBoiiC plenty of time to think!  It gave him time to write song after song after song filling up every notebook he could get his hands on until he gained access to a smartphone to store his lyrics and hook ideas.  It also gave GoldBoiiC time to perfect his melodic singing style of rapping the melodies on the hooks in his songs and giving his rap verses a signature touch.


GoldBoiiC had dreams in prison about getting out someday and going to the studio to work on his very first album and now his dreams have come true.  GoldBoiiC's GME debut single is entitled, "High Speed", and is produced by DJ Fury.  During the last year of GoldBoiiC's incarceration, he was able to download a phone app that allowed him to record himself rapping over different beats.  He was finally able to hear his own songs and tweak his melodies to perfect his rap style.  GoldBoiiC then flooded DJ Fury's inbox with song after song in preparation to begin working on his debut GME album.  Once DJ Fury heard his energetic song, "High Speed", the first single selection was instantly made.  DJ Fury immediately began making a new beat for the single while anxiously awaiting GoldBoiiC's prison release date to begin recording.

Pics and more information about GoldBoiiC will be added to the biography soon.  Be sure to follow GoldBoiiC on Instagram @goldboiic.

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